Crowdsourcing Campaign for the 2nd Networked Labour Event in Tunis, WSF, Global Square

This is an appeal for a individual and institutional cooperative funding and collaboration campaign to realize the 2nd International Networked Labour event, this time in Tunis, during the World Social Forum, in March 2015.

Draft open proposal for the 2nd event can be seen and modified here:

Project, content and program will be designed, managed and executed, based on open-participatory budgeting and p2p collaboration principles, and as part of broader Global Square initiative ( In case you like to help us to get there financially please support the GNUnion campaign at

Besided we welcome all kinds of technical, logistical, creativity, design, physical labour and knowledge based contributions, especially from interested creative communites and cooperatives and their members from around the world.

The estimated budget, as well as the participatory tools and mechanisms that can be used to follow and join the event from a distance will be published here, during the second part of February 2015:

If you are interested in collaborating please contact us directly by emailing at networkedlabour [at] networg [dot] nl

In networked and global solidarity

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The counter-occupations shall prevail!

Support and stand in solidarity with this critical and historical
occupation and the resistance of the Dutch and international students, who are being over exploited in the ‘market’ while they are programmed to be exploited more as future labour force. Their resistance and efforts to build liberated future models at the occupied Maagdenhuis, the head office of the largest university-industrial complex in the Netherlands, the sinking last welfare state, deserve massive support from the academic knowledge workers, as well as unions, labour activists from around the world.


If you are far to the Spui Straat 12, visit their website: The New
University –


The counter-occupations will be spreading!

Global Networked Labour University / GNUnion


“We are here not only to commonify the disciplinary education and liberate knowledge commons and the labour of the knowledge workers, but to turn the entire model upside down and inside out and replace globally with emancipatory knowledge production and socialisation apparatus designed by and for the producing classes.”


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Can we build a Co-optation Proof, Collaborative, Cooperative, anti Corporative and Corporate, one big Commons Movement? | On the report by David Boiller and Pat Conaty

The below report is written by Pat Conaty and David Bollier. It resonates very much with the discussion we have been trying to catalyze at the Networked Labour e-list, therefore is much welcomed. I…


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The Commons – trailer for the feature documentary – YouTube




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We are developing software for transitioning to the next economy.
Not this economy, the next economy.

The next economy must be driven by human and ecological needs rather than profit. And it will be networked.



The term Value Network was coined by Verna Allee. The Open part was added by Sensorica. We’ve been working as partners with them on our latest (and we think greatest) software project for the past year and a half. You can see it in action here and get the software here.Here are some concept/tutorial slideshows.

The Sensorica open value network comes out of the global trend towards open source hardware and commons-based peer to peer (P2P) production. They offer anyone in the world a chance to contribute to their creations, and be rewarded in proportion to their contributions.

Sensorica’s unique contribution to the next economy is the “Value Equation”, where instead of the boss taking a profit, the income is distributed to the contributors using a democratically-decided equation. This has yet to be fully worked out, either in Sensorica or our software, but we think it is a transformative idea. 

We’re also working with other groups who want to use the same software: the Guerrilla Media Collective of Spain, the Tanzania Innovation Portfolio, the APRUS Drone group, and the Driftless Herbal Exchange Network close to home in SW Wisconsin. 



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#BlackstoneEvicts – YouTube

(EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO) Blackstone, the world’s largest real estate private equity fund bought part of Catalunya Bank, a Spanish financial institution that re…



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LABOURLEAKS.ORG – Exposing wrongdoings in the workplace

This is a letter from the First Represantive of the IG Metall Duisburg-Dinslaken, the German Engineering Union, to former employees of the closed steel works TSTG in Duisburg which made rails for the German railways. The letter is addressed to ex-employees who are still in the union. It concerns those employees who have not managed to find a job after a year after the company closed down. There are two aspects of the letter that are questionable. Firstly, the “works council” is involved in the discussion as to who gets what from the “hardship fund”. This is strange because the council has long ceased to exist. Secondly, the author states explicitely that the information contained in the letter is only going to those colleagues who are still members of the IG Metall. Everyone else may not be informed by the union. No explanation is given as to why this is so and ex-employees suspect that only union members will benefit from the hardship fund.  ;


*Follow the for the upcoming files about the interseting story of drilling workers at TSTG, by company-union partnership. 


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Introduction and Table of Contents. Handbook of the International Political Economy of Production (ed.) by Kees Van Der Pijl

Introduction and Table of Contents. Handbook of the International Political Economy of Production (ed.) by… by Örsan Şenalp

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The form of the self-organisation of the global working classes needs to be well grounded, transnational, and global at the same time. It needs to be open and welcoming to all working people, meaning free to enter, criticize, leave, or fork. It needs to be designed as modularly integrated organized networks of social – environmental – cultural – informational – sexual so on justice movements and issue focused activists. Adoptable principles, the ‘code’, and process protocols can be pre-determined, yet the code and proocols and processes them selves has to be well documented, totally open to local, workplace, neighbourhood, issue based, activists or other sort of political collectives composed of peer nodes. It is in a way similar to the form of Anonymous, Occupy or other decentralized forms of network movements, but with more awareness on the structure and openness of the working and governing protocols. So in between these and FLOSS projects, or grassroots and worker cooperatives. It sould not be based on membership and fee. It should not be organized by intellectual activists from out side in, and from top down towards the working class. With an opposite perspective, it should be designed by volunteer participation based on self-governing principles. It should be able to put forward creative, assertive and effective direct non-violent mass action, which makes fun of and ridicule the target. Active peer to peer self-learninig should be the core cultural production and learning principle, instead of having teachers who must show the right and enlightented road to the candidate working class members, who needs to get a self-consciousness. Instead a global and networked labour union should be providing working people with the access to the tools, resources and key networks that would make self- empowerment easily possible. By linking spaces where continious open exchanges take place and carry the energy from one space to other. Utilizing How to(s), Do it Yourself and Do it With Others guides, in online and real world context, by FLOSS communication tools as well as mass-action tactics it would replace top down (issue-anger-action) organizing model, which would allow self-articulation, respectful and collaborative working praxis by harmonized through peer to peer digital communication -where possible and desirable, as well as face to face and secure meetings, cultural and recreational events cultural events. It should be collaboraing with other organizations, creative and productive projects that undermines capitalist mode of production and develop the algorithms and codes of alternative modes, as operating systems that could replace capitalism. Such global network needs to grow by linking existing radical networks groups of activists, hackers, organizers, makers, DIY groups, squatters, eco-willages, diggers, immigrants, asylum seekers, solidarity networks, and so on. In a way all nodes could associate with the globally networked ties, while keeping their autonomy. 

All empowers one, one empowers all!



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