Networked Labour

Emancipation, Knowledge, and Production through Peer to Peer Co-Operations Research

Open Co-operative Networked Labour University Accepts donations in #FairCoin !

After its launch yesterday, on 1 May 2015, we are happy to announce that the Networked Labour University (ProletKult 2.0) and its sister projects; co-operations research unit (, Global Networked Labour Union (, and Social Network Unionism ( now are accepting donations in Faircoin to following wallet address: fSUf2gJmo4G2nr7AwbjWFyXMjDgA5D4o9g For more information on the […]

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Co-operations Research Unit on Networked Labour University

P2P and Commons Critique of Great Transformation: From Industrial Disciplinary Global Capitalism to Trans-Human Zombie Informationalism This post is about the opening of an Co-operations Research Unit on Networked Labour University (, where peers can co-operate by setting-up online regular meetings, drawing maps, sharing files and other materials, etc. to co-ordinate their communication in organised and networked research and action groups. Anyone […]

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Networked Labour University, a project networed in process!

Networked Labour University (ProletKult 2.0) is a universal, free and open access platform that allows collective learning for individuals and groups. Unconditional empowerment of the disempowered, excluded, and oppressed with direct solidarity is the reason we exist for. Based on a transformatory and emancipatory perspective the platform is designed to liberate knowledge from alienation and […]

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Networked ProletKult 2.0? Building the emancipatory modes of production now!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the Soviet artistic organization. For the compact disc by Sascha Konietzko, seePROLET•KULT. Cover of Gorn (Furnace), an official organ of Proletkult Proletkult (Russian: Пролетку́льт), a portmanteau of the Russian words “proletarskaya kultura” (proletarian culture), was an experimental Soviet artistic institution which arose in conjunction with the […]

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Event proposal for Friday the 27th for #OccupyInternet #Maagdenhuis #LSEOccupatin #GlobalSquare #manif2apriv | ‘How to produce, open, share, and protect the emancipatory space-time collectively’

This week several important events are taking place in Tunis. One is World Social Forum, which has lost long time ago its fame as the world’ unique gathering space for progressive, horizontal, demo… Source: See on – Another World Now!

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#GlobalSquare goes‬ On Air, follow Live and Rec Videos from @OccupyWSF

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On the Wonders of Solidarity @Maagdenhuis – ReThink UvA

Source: See on – Networked Labour

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