GNUnion – One Big Meshwork

Starting on May Day 2014 this network map will serve as a meshwork vısualisation base for long and slow systemic hackaton. The objective is hacking a ‘General Strike’ for global level and making it as effective as possible infront of the networked and computerised rulin classes of the 21st century [#MayDay #MetaStrike @GNUnion] . With this collaborative map we would like to contribute to accelerating collaborations and solidarity between commoners, p2p producers, DIY groups, ethical hacker spaces, solidarity economy networks, as well as worker’s and farmer’s cooperatives and self-orgaisations. The map will both help us sharing and opening up the needed information and give alternatives a broader visibility.


See on Scoop.itAnother World Now!

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If you like to support GNUnion financially please do send not more then 5 unit (euro, usd, ytl, etc.) in form of the currency valid in your country, to below account. The amount sent by peers for solidarity will be used only for covering project related costs and the amount over due will be shared with the projects we are collaborating with and other projects sharing the floss, p2p, commons, or hackers’ ethic principles. Account details including all transactions will be published publicly on the GNUnion website on the first day of every month :;


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GNUnion invites you to network, self-organize, and stitch One Big Meshwork by linking like-minded peers and their network bases to each other strategically. We call everyone striving to build dynamic, free, libre, and open source spaces bottom up, to bring their collective agendas and strategies in touch and act upon them in an harmonized way.

GNUnion encourages all its peers to collectivize their individual social and communicational power to swarm around dynamical, creative and positive actions as much as possible. Such collective actions, as we have been witnessing, are capable of making a real impact at unpredicted magnitudes on chosen targets, regardless how large and powerful they are.

Combining peer to peer social relations and technologies and embedding them into all its internal and external processes and relationships, we ultimately aim at hyper-empowerment of all the nodes involved in this One Big Meshwork.

Below are some of the projects we are currently empowering by networking and self-organizing on the Organizing Network (ON). Which is an online collaborative social network site provided by comrades at May First / People Link and Union Solidarity International. ON is build on Elg, which is developed by Lorea.


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Stephen is in Mexic—-Scotland!!We have been Civi…er…busyBeen on a pub crawl er… podcrawl kevie & mcnalu


We go tech CrazyGLI Streaming and education eventWalton & Stephen explain the stresses, the problems and the hopeFuture plans to get away from google is to use Mexcla  and to develop Mexcla ExpansionWe met Bill Fletchernetworked with so many people from around the world


Walton goes Independent to explain the details of the campaign for an Independent ScotlandStephen asks some detailed questionsMore info for Radical Independence


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The Slow Death of the Socialist International by Dan Gallin

Original post

Talk at the Global Labour Institute International Summer School 2014. Video available here.

- By Dan Gallin

The Socialist International is the organization of the world’s socialist, social-democratic and labour parties, by a loose definition. Its headquarters are in London (Maritime House, Clapham).

It is the successor organization of the historical Internationals of the labour movement, the First (International Working Men’s Association) (1864-1879), the Second (Labour International) (1889-1916), which split three ways during World War I and reconstituted itself as the Labour and Socialist International (LSI) in 1923 The LSI did not survive World War II and the present Socialist International was founded in 1951 in Frankfurt as its successor.

At the last count, it had 162 member parties in 100 countries, and it is now in a deep crisis which reflects the crisis of most of its members, certainly its most influential ones.

Why is any of this important?

Because socialism has been the ideological foundation of most of the world’s trade union movement, not necessarily always in the same acceptance of the term, and today we are faced with a crisis of socialism, which is principally a crisis of the meaning of socialism.


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A frank but hopeful assessment of FLOK process by Michel Bauwens | On the Commons

Michel Bauwens, founder of the P2P Foundation, was invited to chair a research team exploring the possibilities for “fundamentally re-imagining” Ecuadorian socity on the basis of commoning, open networks and peer production.  The Quito-based project sought ideas from people of all walks of life for 10 months, and released their Transition Plan (available in English here)  in June. Bauwens offers his personal analysis of the process below. 


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SaysUs Project Seek FLOSS Collaborators

Dear friends,

SaysUs just has become affiliated to May First / People Link (, which has been providing many useful services to the activists and movements around the world.  We did just send the below text to the comrades involved in and collaborate each other at May First / People Link. Yet our call is open to all floss developers, commoners, activists and anyone who shares the vision that we tried to formulate in the text as simple as possible. We invite all comrades around the world who share similar values and virtues to join us and engage with our comrades at May First / People Link network.

Here is our call:


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A study of a**holes reveals the narcissistic and self-destructive mico-foundations of Capitalist Class Society | via Ah Uhm

A remarkable cognitive behavioral research conducted by Piff, Australia, is to reveal the narcissistic and self-destructive mico-foundations of the Capitalist Class Society. 


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